About me
I have a Ba Hons in Graphic Design and an Ma in Art and Science.

I am a painter, illustrator, sculpture and experience artist. I enjoy teach people about black hole though these mediums and talking to viewers about their own opinions and ideas. I have exhibited at the laundry, London fields and the crypt gallery on the Euston road. I will be exhibiting in brick lane in June as part of a CERN collective.

Freelance clients:

I have been working for The Kabbalah Centre London for the past year where I have created graphic design, email marketing and videos for classes and events held by the centre and outside lectures.

I also believe that through design, we should use it to educate and inform people would the wider world and to help us functions as a society.

I love to illustate in my free time and have taken a short course at central saint martins to improve and widern my skills and knowledge of the subject. I am also a keen photographer and enjoy taking images when I can.ss
Oxfam bookshop
ESPH London
Walton-on-Thames Beer Festival
Ma Art and Science
SEED Project UK
Hevdonia Gaming -YT